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It can be difficult for anyone working within the care sector to keep abreast of changing legislation and regulations. Nevertheless, there is mandatory training for staff, who must comply with set care management system standards and update them as required.

In England, the Care Quality Commission inspects those operating within the sector to ensure national standards of quality and safety are met. As an accredited training provider, Meditrain can help anyone achieve and maintain compliance. Company founder Josette Bailly achieved her first training award in 1999, and her assessing award in 2004.

Meditrain trains and assesses staff in:

There is great training scope for those working within this sector. Meditrain provides statutory training courses for legislative duties, plus courses for specific care sector requirements.

“We have developed a rewarding relationship over the years with Meditrain, who have delivered excellent courses for our Leeds, Bradford and Sheffield staff.”

Divisional Director Mrs Lynne Collins, Affinity Trust

A registered charity, Affinity Trust has been supporting people with learning disabilities since 1991. It has seven operational divisions throughout the UK and employs over 1,200 staff.

In dental and GP surgeries, where there is a perceived risk level of incident and casualty, two of Meditrain’s invaluable courses deal specifically with CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and defibrillator training.

All of Meditrain’s professional training courses are to national minimum standards. Some follow a specific syllabus, while others are tailored to suit the individual needs of a nursing home, care home or residential home.

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